4 Easy Ways to Build Long Lasting Habits

4 Easy Ways to Build Long Lasting Habits

Today, I will help you learn how to create and build long lasting habits. I offer this advice based on my personal experience with helping others achieve goals and create healthy habits.

Pick one habit at a time:

No brainer, right? Wrong. Most of us, in fact, believe we are amazing multi-taskers (about 70% of the population to be exact). We are in fact not great multi-taskers. What multi-tasking really means is that we are not 100% focusing on the one thing we want which is to build a healthy habit.

Pick one thing and put all your focus and willpower into it. Once you have achieved this

habit and only once you have achieved it should you focus on another one. Remember

most of us think we can text and drive but we all know how that can turn out.

Simplify the rest of your life

The less decisions you have to make during the day the easier it will be to stay focused on what needs to be focused on which is your HABIT! Being boring and having a routine is in fact how most habits are built. Pack your lunch, Put your gym clothes out the night before, put your coffee maker on a timer. Do what it Takes to make the rest of your day as easy as possible. The less things you need to think about the easier it will be to focus on your habit.

Identify your triggers

We all have them. Don’t lie to yourself. I know personally if you put a piece of pizza in front of me it’s going to be hard as fuck for me not to inhale it.

Solution. Stay away from the sight of pizza or dedicate it to one day where you eat it, that way you know you planned for this and it will not inhibit you from reaching your habit. If you like potato chips, stay away from the potato chip aisle. If you binge watch Netflix And eat Haagen Dazs ice cream, skip the trip to the bodega and cancel your Netflix Subscription. Easier said then done, right? These are extremes of course and having a little give will help you stay on track with your habit if need be. Identifying and knowing your triggers is a big step towards avoiding temptations and Building habits.

Plan for Success

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Tongue twister I know but the truth is in this quote. Most habits are accomplished by setting goals. In my Goal Setting Blog I had spoken About setting smaller goals in order to achieve bigger ones. The same thing applies for your habits.

Example going to the gym 5 days a week in a row after being out of the gym for 10 years seems like the best way to get on track, but it’s not. Most times this is a recipe for disaster in fact. You go three days and your body gives up the will to move due to soreness.

Instead a better plan would be to say, “I’m going to go to the gym 2 times this week and see how I feel.“ If 2 times a week seems successful add another day. After a month maybe you are going 5 days a week and shit look at that you have a habit.

See if you can utilize these tips in your everyday life. Remember motivation is what gets

You started but habit is what keeps you going.

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